My name is Chris and I am a multi-disciplinary designer with an interest in all things technological and world-shaping.

By day, I design digital things at Webcredible. By night, I go to the Royal George and plot the end of the world.

I have previously made mobile experiences with Mobext, built smelly robots with Mint, and prototyped public services with Participle.

I write about design, the universe and everything on my blog. I currently have a book in the works, entitled "You Have Too Much Shit".

Here are some things I've done:


The Mobile Index, a project spanning around six weeks in summer 2013, with the aim of presenting a glossary of mobile-related terms in an interesting way. We made a scrolling A-Z with photographs of a hand aping the American sign language for each letter.

Mobext | 2013

Mobile Mornings is Mobext's quarterly event where we invite colleagues and clients for breakfast to discuss the future of mobile. With words & editing from Eric Ledford, I designed a newspaper to take away from the sessions.

Mobext | 2013

Leith Clothing are a small British menswear manufacturer who make simple, high-quality clothes. Me and my brother, Sean, were asked by them to create an identity and website to communicate what they do to the shirt-buying public.

Leith | 2013

Philographics is the baby of Genis Carreras, a supremely talented graphic designer. He created a sophisticated language of shapes and colours with which he communicates complex philosophical ideas. I was asked to provide the small captions that accompanied each of the images, crafting as concise a definition as possible for each concept.

Genis Carreras | 2012

Olly, the web-connected smelly robot, a project done as part of Mint Digital’s graduate scheme, with the brief to “make something connected to the internet that doesn't live on screens.” Olly is an arduino-powered robot that puffs out smells when triggered by online events.

Mint Digital | 2011

Wikibriefs was our years' entry to New Designers after graduation. Rather than show work, we decided to use the space to answer design briefs set by the public, demonstrating our unbridled creativity to uninterested passers-by. Starting with an empty space, we gradually covered the walls with our responses.

New Designers | 2011

Networked, my final year project on the Goldsmiths BA Design course, was a year-long winding exploration into the nature of collaborative networks. Via a crazed wormhole of broken toasters, Buddhist parables, libertarian economics and Amish barn raising, I slowly developed a thesis on designing for collective action. An in-depth journal of the project can be found on my old blog.

Goldsmiths, University of London | 2011